Are you fed up with run of the mill stuff that you can do in London? If you have had enough of drinking with your mates and chatting up girls in pubs, maybe you would like to meet me? My name is Chelsea and I am one of the hottest London escorts that you will come across. Luckily for you, I work for a cheap London escorts called Charlotte escorts. That means that a long date with me is not going to cost you a fortune or break the bank. What will it do? It will deliver all of the satisfaction that you have longed for such a long time.

Not all London escorts are happy to date men who have got their fetishes. But, I am the exception. You see, unlike so many other London escorts, I have got my fair share of fetishes myself. What I thought that we would do was this: You tell me about your fetishes and I will tell you about mine. How does that sound to you? I have many interesting fetishes floating around in my mind and I am pretty sure that you do as well. How about if we share our fetishes with each other….

What is the most common fetish London escorts encounter? I don’t really keep a top of the pops list when it comes to fetishes that I have encountered since I have been with London escorts. But when I stop and think about it, the fetish that most men are hung up about is sex toys. They don’t like talking about sex toys and they are not sure if girls like sex toys. Well, I have got news for you. Most girls like sex toys and love to play with them when they are on their own. If you would like to learn more about sex toys, and the kind of sex toys girls like, you should check them out online.

What other fetishes? There are so many other fetishes that I have come across since I have been working for London escorts so I am not sure what to say. One of the other most popular fetishes is, of course, foot play or toe sucking. I have lost count of how many men I have met both in my professional life and private life. It is the one fetish a lot of men seem to be happy to express. Am I good at sucking toes? You can say that I have plenty of experience of that.

What about dating older women? Yes, there are some men who like to date mature London escorts. Many men do not feel that they are fully experienced until they have spent time with a mature woman. It is like a right of passage for many men. They like to spend time with a mature woman so that they can practice their skills. Would you like to date a mature London escorts? That is not a problem at all. When you feel that way, all you need to do is to give Charlotte escorts a call. We will hook you up the right mature woman who has the right skills to teach you everything about the female form and body that you need to know. Are you ready to go to school?

How to explore your fetishes in London?
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